We own and employ a process for understanding, evaluating, defining, and managing expectations so that customer requirements are met. Our control system can measure, monitor, and manage the variances to avoid any mismatching with customer requirements and schedules.

CHINAR is highly conscious of following and implementing the QHSE requirements of the customer, local, and international authorities’ standards. This is to ensure safe operations in the workplace with minimum environmental degradation.

Our HSE team is responsible for developing and implementing the QHSE plan for smooth, environmentally friendly, and human safety operations on site.

CHINAR takes environmental responsibilities with due impetus by constantly evolving methodologies to reduce negative environmental impacts during our project life cycle. We therefore not only aim to be environmentally sound but environmentally responsible & we strive to achieve this by identifying and adopting the best sustainable practices.

Regardless of the size of the project, CHINAR’s commitment to the Health and Safety of its employees is unwavering. By adhering to stringent policies and mandatory safety inspections at regular intervals, we continually monitor and identify risks while creating and enforcing programs to reduce them.

Quality Control

We believe in prevention over-correction; hence we follow the requirements   & checklists for every phase of the project to ensure that customer requirements are met and the process is being followed. Every phase exit incorporates the “back check” process to ensure that all requirements and milestones are achieved.

Quality Assurance

We believe that through the thorough application of checklists in the quality control process, required standards are correctly implemented and the desired results follow accordingly.